class Cadmium::NounInflector


Allows you to pluralize or singularize nouns.

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Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from class Cadmium::TenseInflector

add_ambiguous(words) add_ambiguous, add_form(singular_table, plural_table, singular, plural) add_form, add_irregular(singular, plural) add_irregular, add_plural(pattern, replacement) add_plural, add_singular(pattern, replacement) add_singular, ize(token, form_set, custom_forms) ize, ize_ambiguous(token) ize_ambiguous, ize_regex(token, forms) ize_regex, ize_regulars(token, form_set) ize_regulars, pluralize(token) pluralize, restore_case(token) restore_case, singularize(token) singularize

Constructor Detail

def #

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Instance Method Detail

def pluralize(token) #

Gives the plural form of a noun.

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def singularize(token) #

Gives the singular form of a noun.

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