class Cadmium::EdgeWeightedDigraph


Represents a digraph, you can add an edge, get the number vertexes, edges, get all edges and use #to_s to print the Digraph.

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def #

Create a new EdgeWeightedDigraph.

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Instance Method Detail

def add(from : Int32, to : Int32, weight : Float64) #

Create and add a new DirectedEdge.

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def add_edge(e : DirectedEdge) #

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def e : Int32 #

Get the number of edges saved.

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def edges #

Use callback on all edges.

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def get_adj(v : Int32) #

Use callback on all edges from v.

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def to_s(io) #

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def v #

Get the number of vertexs saved.

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